Research Opportunities

PhD Student Hiring

Now hiring PhD students for Fall 2022. At a minimum applications should have the following:

  • A drive to produce top-tier research publications
  • Very strong programming skills
  • Facility with the *nix command-line


Corporate Entity Tracking Automation

  • Strong programming ability
  • Good understanding of data analysis
  • Some interest in legal entities

Persistent Memory


  • Strong systems programming skills, e.g., C, C++, Rust, etc.
  • An interest in systems, architecture, compilers, or a related area.

Safe and Secure Software Configuration


  • Strong programming ability
  • Research or educational background in programming languages, compilers, or related areas.
  • Strong GNU/Linux system skills: command-line usage, software installation, system configuration, and general system administrator skills
  • Familiarity with Boolean logic and discrete math

Analysis of Configurable Software


  • Research or educational experience building langauge tools (compilers, interpreters, transformers, etc.)
    • Experience with clang internals a plus
  • Good discrete math ability
  • Experience with the C language


Graduate research or teaching assistantships include tuition, stipend, and fringe benefits, which are contingent on continued progress in the program.

Cyber Security and Privacy Fellowships are available for highly-qualified students and include an increased stipend, additional mentorship, and more. Please ask for application instructions during the interview.

Application Instructions

Apply to UCF if not already a student and set up an interview. When emailing, please use the subject line “[PhD Application] project: PROJECT(s)”, substituting PROJECT(s) with the titles of project(s) you are interested in (as a comma-delimited list if there are multiple). Emails without this subject line will likely receive no reply.

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Application Information

Undergraduate Research

Take a look at the research page to see if any active projects are interesting to you.


  • Interest in academic research
  • Strong programming skills
  • Comfort with the *nix command-line

Contact Instructions

When emailing, please prefix your subject line with “[Undergraduate Research] “. Emails without this subject line may receive no reply.

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