Research Opportunities

PhD Student Hiring

Now hiring PhD students for Spring 2023. At a minimum applications should have the following:

  • The drive to produce top-tier research publications
  • Very strong programming skills
  • Command-line fluency


Safe and Secure Software Configuration


  • Strong programming ability
  • Research or educational background in programming languages, compilers, or related areas.
  • Strong GNU/Linux system skills: command-line usage, software installation, system configuration, and general system administrator skills
  • Familiarity with Boolean logic and discrete math

Analysis of Configurable Software


  • Research or educational experience building langauge tools (compilers, interpreters, transformers, etc.)
    • Experience with clang internals a plus
  • Good discrete math ability
  • Experience with the C language


Graduate research or teaching assistantships include tuition, stipend, and fringe benefits, which are contingent on continued progress in the program.

Cyber Security and Privacy Fellowships may be available for highly-qualified students and include an increased stipend, additional mentorship, and more. Please ask for application instructions during the interview.

Application Instructions

Apply to UCF if not already a student and set up an interview. When emailing, please use the subject line “[PhD Application] project: PROJECT(s)”, substituting PROJECT(s) with the titles of project(s) you are interested in (as a comma-delimited list if there are multiple). No reply is guarantee and emails without this subject line will very likely receive no reply.

Contact for an Interview

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