Paul Gazzillo

Paul Gazzillo

Post-Doctoral Associate
Department of Computer Science
Yale University
Email: paul.gazzillo 'at'
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I am currently a postdoctoral associate at Yale where I research static analyses to find complexity attacks on software as well as concurrency at the intersection of programming languages and systems with Eric Koskinen's group. I am also continuing research begun in graduate school at NYU that focuses on enabling variability-aware software tools, specifically C programs in the presence of the C preprocessor and Makefiles. In a past life, I was a research data analyst for Educational Testing Service.

Here is my Curriculum Vitae (as of 06/2017).



Refereed Conference Proceedings

Technical Reports

Research Software

  • Concurrent smart contracts.
  • Concurrent programming with composable transactional objects.
  • Proust: A boosting library implemented on top of ScalaSTM. I made only minor contributions to the library, but built the smart contract implementation for PODC17 on top of it.
  • Blazer: Program analysis for complexity and side-channel attacks. This is the artifact for PLDI17.
  • Kmax: Linux Makefile variability tool.
  • SuperC: Configuration-preserving preprocessor and parser. This is the artifact for PLDI12.

Other Software

  • Courgette: A compression algorithm for object files that makes Chromium's updates smaller. During my internship at Google I contributed to Courgette, adding support for ELF binaries and the ARM instruction set, and documented its internals.
  • GraphicML: An intermediate language for data charting. I developed this while working at Educational Testing Service.
  • timesheet: A painless command-line time tracker I created during graduate school to see in detail what I was spending (and not spending) time on.
  • podcasts: Scripts to download podcasts from the command-line or via a cronjob.